Jen (fric) wrote,

Update in general

Wow, so a lot has happened since I last posted!

So there are mice living in our ceiling... very creepy. I'm really having a hard time coping with that knowlege.

My adviser is an ass and gave me the wrong pin number so I didn't get into some of the classes I wanted to take. Ah, well, it's not as if I'm missing out on anything. I just had to rearrange my plan a bit. So here we are: Advanced Composition, Shakespeare I, Self Defense, TAing for Comm. 305, Nonverbal Communication, Mass Media, and Creative Writing NonFiction. I may get to drop the CWNF for CW Fiction Workshop. That would be great. Eric and I have all the Comms together right now, but I may drop Nonverbal for Business Writing. I need to get that concentration done!

Yeah, so I might go to Law School (but not here). My grades are ridiculous and I'm not feeling the whole poor English major thing. Plus it's in my blood. I already have a jump on everyone else, I suppose. If I do Corporate law, my English major is absolutely ideal to apply with. Especially with a concentration in PWE and a Comm. minor. Bwhaha.

I'm contemplating applying to be an RA. This could prove problematic, however, because if I don't get it, housing would be a very touchy situation. And you don't find out if you got the job until late in the year... bahhhhhhh. It's just something I've always wanted to do and next year is my last time to try. My parents told me not to as a Sophomore and I thought they didn't want me to this year either. I would never have done something they didn't want... but I just found out that they had actually wanted me to apply for this year. Parents can be so confusing. So the moral is I might apply for next year. I'd have so much fun helping the residents... and beating them when they're bad. It's just a matter of getting in... ahhhhhhhhh.

I was a flapper for Halloween. Eric was the old man from the SNL commercial "Oops, I crapped my pants!" It was a laugh, to be sure.

Now for some pics from the Boreman Ball, parties, and whatever!

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